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It’s all about the olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is a nutrient powerhouse, delivering an array of potent benefits! It's the cornerstone ingredient in all our products, essential for maintaining your dog's health and vitality. However, the quality of olive oil can vary significantly.

Meaningful Tree products exclusively incorporate premium extra virgin olive oil crafted from the top 2% of olives harvested, ensuring unparalleled excellence and efficacy.

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Boost Their Health From Nose to Tail

  • Supports heart health
    Supports heart health
  • Reduces joint inflammation
    Reduces joint inflammation
  • Regulates gut health
    Regulates gut health
  • Strengthens and brightens skin and coat
    Strengthens and brightens skin and coat
  • Maintains brain health
    Maintains brain health
  • Promotes healthy poops
    Promotes healthy poops

Kevin the Rescue Dog

Our story starts with a rescue dog named Kevin, who came to us in terrible condition. Loving Kevin back to health made us rethink everything about how we feed our dogs, and inspired the creation of Meaningful Tree.

Meet Kevin