Meet Kevin

This is Kevin.

Say hello to our loyal and lovable rescue dog, Kevin. A while back, Kevin wasn’t feeling so great. He had been battling malnutrition, infestations, and distress on and off since being adopted (see insert for what poor Kevin looked like the night he was rescued). We were desperate to help him get better.

We tried everything.

So many different approaches were tried. But only after switching to a diet of whole foods drizzled with high-quality extra virgin olive oil did Kevin begin to feel better. His coat became lustrous, his eyes sparkled with vitality, and his energy levels soared. Even his breath was fresher! We knew we were onto something.

Kevin inspired Super Pet Total Health.

Realizing the pivotal role of gut health, we embarked on a mission to find a natural supplement that would complement this new diet, with Kevin as our muse. And after collaborating with expert scientists (and dog owners), we innovated a unique blend of premium EVOO fused with natural acacia fiber, a potent prebiotic. That blend, formulated into an easy-to-use powder, is now called Super Pet Total Health.

Kevin? He’s just happy to be healthy.

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  • Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Olive oil isn't just beneficial for humans; it's vital for your dog’s well-being, too. Packed with all the good things your best friend needs to feel good and stay healthy, this simple addition to their diet holds a wide range of health benefits, from prevention of overall mortality, heart and neurological diseases to reduction of liver and weight-related illnesses.

  • Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

    Promotes brain function and heart health by reducing cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and lowering blood pressure. Additionally, acacia fiber supports digestive health as a prebiotic fiber, ensuring optimal gut function and better poops.