We are pet parents with two very different dogs – one a rescue and the other a pure bred. It was the rescue dog Kevin who caused us to rethink how we feed our furry friends. Kevin was malnourished, flea and worm infested, and basically in complete distress. We began feeding them whole foods with the addition of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Upon changing their diets, we immediately saw a difference in their skin and coat, the brightness of their eyes, and in their energy and alertness. Their breath even smelled fresher. Knowing that gut health is also so important to both dogs and humans, we looked to find a natural gut health supplement that we could incorporate into their new diet. With a lot of help from some smart dog parent scientists, we figured out a way to bond really great EVOO with natural Acacia fiber which is an excellent pre-biotic.  We created an easy-to-use powder to sprinkle on top or blend into your dog’s daily food. 


That is how Meaningful Tree Super Pet Total Health was born.