Super Pet Total Health (2 Pack)

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder with Prebiotic Fiber

Pet parents are special people. What wouldn’t we do for our best friends? Our greatest desire is that they stay with us as long as possible, as happy and healthy as possible. Meaningful Tree’s Super Pet Total Health harnesses the healing properties of the olive tree. For millennia the olive has provided us with health benefits that now, more than ever, we truly understand the efficacy of. Meaningful Tree developed a proprietary way to combine all of the health benefits of the very best extra virgin olive oil, with acacia fiber, a natural and effective prebiotic. The pet parents at Meaningful Tree have brought these ingredients together to keep your pet healthy from the very inside of their tummies to their outside furriest parts. Our ingredients are sustainable, and are traceable down to our very trees. Meaningful tree is made 100% in the USA with love for all of our pets.

Sprinkle over food once daily.

Dog weight Serving
Less than 30LBS 1/2 scoop
30LBS and over 1 scoop




Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains antioxidants, like Vitamin E, that help fight those free radicals. It also contains phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your dog’s skin moisturized and well-nourished. These nutrients also benefit your dog’s coat, adding a glorious shine and strength to their hair.


Acacia Fiber is an excellent, natural prebiotic that supports your dog's gut and digestive health for really awesome poops.

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